Chevra Lomdei Mishnayot Synagogue

is the only surviving Jewish house of prayer in Oświęcim. It was built circa 1913 and functioned until the German occupation.

Jewish Museum

Visitors to the Center have the opportunity to connect with Oświęcim’s pre-war Jewish life through the exhibition Oshpitzin, which tells this powerful story through photographs, artifacts and survivor testimony.

Education Center

A wide range of programs, including workshops, lectures, seminars, meetings, tours, and cultural events, are available for visitors.

Concert: Matisyahu

August 25 (Tuesday) 2015, 8 pm, 15th Anniversary of the Auschwitz Jewish Center

Film screening: The Story of Irena Sendler

June 17, 2015 (Wednesday), 5:30 pm. Documentary by Andrzej Wolf (Poland, 27 mins).

Concert: Kantor Nikola David (Germany)

May 14, 2015 (Thursday), 7 pm Free admission. Booking required via: