A Town Called Brzostek

Film screening and meeting with Professor Jonathan Webber

March 26, 2015 at 5 pm.

Cafe Bergson, 2 Father Jan Skarbek Square.

The event is held in Polish. Free admission.

In documentary A Town Called Brzostek, Simon Target presents the story of Professor Jonathan Webber, who returns to the place of the burial of his grandfather. Upon his arrival in this little town in Subcarpathia, he learns that a vacant plot of land is the only remnant of the former Jewish cemetery. With the help of the mayor, priest, and local community, the main protagonist restores the burial site and brings about its re-consecration. Strangely enough, although there are only 50 seats prepared, 600 people, i.e. almost all the members of the local community, show up at the ceremony…