Commemorating the Great Synagogue

This April, the Auschwitz Jewish Center is launching a new project to honor the Jews of Oświęcim, preserve their stories, and protect the historical record. 

With your help, we can:

Create a memorial installation on the site of the Great Synagogue of Oświęcim—which was destroyed by the Nazis in November of 1939. The installation will feature historical photographs of this central Jewish house of worship, marking sacred space and representing our collective commitment to remembering the Holocaust. It will sync up with AJC’s smartphone app to offer an “augmented reality” view of where the Great Synagogue once stood.

It is more important than ever to remember the Jews of Poland. Please join us in a project that will honor their memory, mark sacred space, and advance Holocaust education opportunities in Oświęcim.

We are very grateful for the generosity of all of our project supporters and welcome contributions of any amount. Please note that the names of donors of $500 and above will be recognized at the physical site of the Great Synagogue memorial.