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Academy of Anti-discrimination Education2020-01-27T12:20:28+01:00

Project Description

We help teachers in creating safe classroom environment for all students

This innovative professional development course equips teachers with knowledge and skills to teach respect and confront hatred.

During 6 weekend sessions participants learn to identify and respond to prejudice including, but not limited to, antisemitism, homophobia and racism.

During the Academy participants will:

  • examine the mechanisms of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination including their manifestations in classrooms
  • learn and try new teaching methods for tackling exclusion and hatred
  • discuss, prepare and implement their own classroom projects under the supervision of a dedicated mentor

Successful alumni of the Academy will:

  • become part of the Alumni network with access to additional teaching resources
  • participate in dedicated Alumni events
  • receive further mentoring by our staff and support of fellow alumni

Watch our Alumni reunion clip (with English subtitles):


The Auschwitz Jewish Center, in partnership with Towards Dialog Foundation and Polin Museum.

This project is supported by the EVZ Foundation:

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This project is endorsed by the Polish Ombudsman.