Tiles of Oświęcim

This temporary exhibit focuses on a forgotten and often demolished element of prewar interiors.
The variety of colors, forms, and textures of the floor and wall tiles speak to the richness and multiculturalism of prewar Oświęcim.

This exhibit also appeals to the viewer to save the last remnants of a vanished cultural heritage that can still be seen in neglected floor tiles, doors, and railings, which are often removed and replaced by economical modern equivalents.

At Café Bergson, we were able to reuse beautiful prewar tiles from a demolished house in Oświęcim; with this exhibit, we hope to inspire more people to take notice of everyday artifacts around us.

Concept: Tomasz Kuncewicz
Pictures: Mikhailo Kapustian
Cooperation: Łukasz Szymański
Production: Piotr Gajek